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Tony “Memphis CBD Oil” Falasca 
2331 Bartlett Oaks Drive
Bartlett, Tn. 38134

I am a Disabled Veteran (Navy) I worked as a Chef for a Rear Admiral (2 Stars)
I had a Seizure and that was it Naval Career was Over!

They put me on Seizure Medicine: Dilantin, Phenobarbital, Tegretol!
Tried these, No Seizures! but at the same time I was a Walking Zombie!

I would rather have a Seizure Then taking these Drugs.

A good friend told me about CBD Oil, He said No Side Effects!
So, I tried it and have Not Had a Seizure in 15 Years!

My Anxiety, Pains, Gone!

I take the CBD oil and put a few drops under my tongue every morning and before I go to bed.

Picture Is Me Taking A Few Drops Under the Tongue.

My Goal is to start a Non-Profit for Military Veterans
So, they can be provided CBD Products to help them with TBI, PTSD & Pain.

No Opioids! No THC! (THC Gets You High) Pass All Drug Tests!

“May God Always Be in Your Heart”